• The budget you enter is for the fireworks show itself before applicable taxes. If a platform, boat or barge is required to fire from the sea this is an additional cost.
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  • 1. Payment. The Client will pay Caribe FX Inc. (“CFX”) the Budget amount set out in this Booking Form & Agreement plus applicable taxes (the “Fees”). Payment is due in full 30 days before the Event.

    2. Intellectual Property. FFX reserves the ownership rights and trade names used in relation to the Fireworks and the Event.
    Any reproduction by sound, video or other duplication or recording process without the express written permission of CFX is prohibited.

    3. Limitation of CFX’s liability. If CFX breaches this Agreement or is otherwise negligent in performing the Event the Client shall only be entitled to recover monetary damages from FFX up to the value of the Fees.

    4. Indemnification. The Client shall indemnify and hold CFX harmless from all claims and suits made against CFX for bodily injury or property damage arising from the Client’s failure—including through or by its employees, agents or independent contractors—to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

    Additional Terms for an CFX fired show

    5. Client’s obligations. The Client shall, at its own expense:

    a. provide a performance site suitable for the Event to the satisfaction of CFX (the “Performance Site”) and allow access at all reasonable times to CFX and its representatives to the Performance Site;

    b. provide adequate measures to prevent public access to the Performance Site;

    d. have sole responsibility for ensuring that any spectator area or parking area for the Event is safe for use.

    6. If the Client fails to comply with any part of clause 7 then CFX shall have no obligation to perform the Event, and the Client will pay CFX the full Fees and any additional costs incurred by CFX as a result of the Client’s noncompliance.

    7. Postponement or Termination a. CFX may cancel the Event in the event of weather or any other cause beyond the control of CFX which CFX, in its sole discretion, determines may prevent the Event from being safely performed on the agreed date (the “Event Date”). At this point the parties may:

    i. reschedule the Event Date to any day within 60 days of the original Event Date at no additional cost except for any expenses reasonably incurred by FFX up to the point of postponement, including but not limited to mileage and employee wages; or

    ii. terminate this Agreement, provided the Client pays any reasonable expenses incurred by FFX up to the point of cancellation, including but not limited to mileage and employee wages.

    b. The Client may unilaterally terminate this Agreement, provided that the Client pays 25 percent of the pre-tax value of the Fees plus any reasonable expenses incurred by FFX up to the point of cancellation, including but not limited to mileage and employee wages.
    I acknowledge that by completing this form and returning it to Caribe Fire FX Inc., I am making an offer to enter into an agreement with Caribe Fire FX Inc. for the event outlined, and that upon my receiving written or electronic confirmation of acceptance from Fireworks FX this agreement shall become binding. I confirm that I have read and agree to the general terms on the reverse side of this page and that I have authority to bind the Client to this agreement.